Crit-Line Technology

Crit-Line technology uses photo optics, which non-invasively measures hematocrit and oxygen saturation. By measuring the change in hematocrit during a treatment Crit-Line technology is also able to calculate the patient's hemoglobin.

Crit-Line technology:

  • Provides insight as to how a patient is tolerating dialysis.
  • Provides the clinician with data that may help remove the maximum amount of fluid while preventing common symptoms of dialysis (nausea, cramping and vomiting).
  • Provides a more effective treatment process for dialysis patients and clinicians.
  • Provides data to help identify patients that may be at risk for intradialytic symptoms.
  • Helps the healthcare professional visualize the patient's plasma refill rate in real-time.
  • Helps the healthcare professional maximize fluid removal while minimizing the potential for hypovolemic symptoms.