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Providing Real-Time, Continuous Information to Help Achieve a More Effective Dialysis Treatment.

The Crit-Line III monitor measures hematocrit, percent change in blood volume and oxygen saturation in real time for application in the treatment of dialysis patients with the intended purpose of providing a more effective treatment for both the dialysis patient and the dialysis technician. Based on the data that the monitor provides, the clinician/nurse, under physician direction, intervenes (i.e., increases or decreases the rate of which fluid is removed from the blood) in order to remove the maximum amount of fluid from the dialysis patient without the patient experiencing the common complications of dialysis which include nausea, cramping and vomiting.

The Crit-Line blood chamber is a sterile, single-use, disposable, optical cuvette designed for use with the Crit-Line III monitor's sensor clip during acute and chronic hemodialysis therapy to non-invasively measure hematocrit, percent change in blood volume and oxygen saturation. The blood chamber is connected between the arterial bloodline and the dialyzer within the extracorporeal circuit during the hemodialysis treatment.

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