Hardware | Crit-Line IV Monitor

The Crit-Line IV Monitor is a fluid management monitoring tool that incorporates photo-optical technology to non-invasively measure absolute hematocrit and continuous oxygen saturation. In addition, the Crit-Line IV Monitor calculates the percent change in the dialysis patient's intravascular blood volume. The auto-scaling screen displays simultaneous graphic output of percent change in blood volume and oxygen saturation and or blood pressure versus time as well as alphanumeric output of hematacrit, oxygen saturation and percent change in blood volume.

Part Number CL10051001 - Crit-Line IV Color Touchscreen
Part Number CL10041001 - Sensor Clip

critline iv monitorHematocrit can be displayed instead of percent change in blood volume if chosen by the user.

Color touchscreen comes equipped with mounting device for attachment to the dialysis machine IV pole.